Dan John Moran

Professional Shader Wizard

Makin' Stuff Look Good in Video Games

YouTube, 2016

MSLGiVG is a YouTube channel focused on practical teaching of techniques for improving the visual fidelity of games. Topics include: authoring shaders and image effects, animation, and getting the most out of particle systems.

The channel is best known for its case studies where visual elements of popular games are broken down and recreated in Unity.

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Unity Asset Store, 2015

Light2D is a plugin for Unity that creates volumetric 2D lighting using the built in 2D Physics Colliders. With intuative custom editor controls and wicked performance, Light2D integrates seemlessly into 2D games.

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Online Multiplayer Exergame, 2014-2015

Liberi is an Exercise Video Game (Exergame) designed for youth with cerebral palsy. The avatar in the game is powered by a recumbent bicycle and the speed at which players pedal governs the movement speed of their avatar as well as their energy regen rate to perform abilities.

I served as a programmer, designer and artist for the game throughout 2014 and 2015 at the EQUIS Lab at Queen's University School of Computing.

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Android/iOS, 2014

A mash-up of two massively popular mobile games. Flappy48 takes the frenzied tapping of Dong Nguyen's Flappy Bird and the satisfying number merging of Gabriele Cirulli's 2048, blending the two games into one with a Snake-like twist.

Flappy48 amassed over two-hundred-thousand downloads on mobile platforms, and has had over a million views at it's web home on itch.io.

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Game Jam Participation

Web, 2013-2016

Taking part in various game jams has been effective in keeping rapid prototyping skills sharp. Jams typically are done in either 48 or 72 hours, starting from an empty repository and ending with a finished product to be played by other participants and indie game enthusiasts.

From left to right: Candy Crusher - Candy Jam; You Only Get One - Ludum Dare 27; Prism - BaconGameJam 6.

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